Care-free outsourcing

​With AXA Pension Solutions, the operational side of your pension fund is in good hands.

Your choice – our offer

You can choose between comprehensive management, management for a defined period, or management for only a specific aspect, e.g. a coaching session. The internal control system is certified by Balmer Etienne.

Management services:

  • Flexible operational management of current business
  • Monitoring and coordinating administration
  • Arranging, participating in and minuting board of trustee meetings
  • Preparing information for decision-making by the board
  • Monitoring and implementing statutory and regulatory provisions
  • Liquidity planning
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​Guaranteed professionalism

AXA Pension Solutions ensures that your personnel department can provide your employees quickly with correct and straightforward information on occupational benefits insurance. The internal control system is certified by Balmer Etienne.

Technical administration:

  • Managing the portfolio of active insured persons and pensioners
  • Calculating benefits and contributions
  • Issuing benefits and pension certificates
  • Processing data on personnel changes


  • Issuing contribution statements
  • Payment transactions
  • Statements on deductions of tax at source
  • Correspondence with and advice for insured persons and pensioners
  • Delivery of pension fund data to the Federal Statistical Office
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Playing it safe

Rely on the many years of experience of AXA Pension Solutions also when it comes to bookkeeping. Certified by Balmer Etienne.

Bookkeeping services:

  • Financial accounting, incl. securities accounting
  • Integration of data from technical administration
  • Integration of property bookkeeping into foundation bookkeeping
  • Preparation of financial statements under SWISS GAAP FER 26
  • Contact with the auditor and support for auditing tasks
  • Preparing statements for the BVG Guarantee Fund
  • Request of a withholding tax refund
  • Preparation of interim financial statements on the coverage ratio during an accounting year
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Expert help with valuations

AXA Pension Solutions supports you in valuing your pension obligations in accordance with a range of accounting standards.

Valuations under:

  • IAS 19 (IFRS)
  • FASB ASC 715-730 (US GAAP)
  • FER 26 (Swiss GAAP)


  • Analysis and recognition of pension plans
  • Conducting the necessary inquiries for the valuation
  • Calculation of benefits obligations and pension costs
  • Drawing up audit-ready reports
  • Estimating the impact on the company's balance sheet and income statement
  • Reports and correspondence for the auditor
  • Forecasts for subsequent years
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