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Liability insurance

Liability insurance in any event

Indispensable – liability insurance protects you against financial loss arising from damage that you may cause to third parties and defends you against unjustified claims.

Liability insurance – compare two options

 Affordable basic coverageCustomized insurance offering comprehensive protection



Insured eventsCHF  5,000,000 or
CHF 10,000,000
CHF  5,000,000 or
CHF 10,000,000
 SelbstbehaltCHF 200, 300 or 500CHF 200, 300 or 500
Insured event
Injuries to people or animals, or damage to third-party property, that you or a family member may cause.
Damage caused to a third party while exercising a secondary occupation.Up to an annual salary of CHF 3,000Up to an annual salary of CHF 12,000
Supplementary insurance
Use of of third-party vehiclesSelectable (only cars) (cars, motorcycles and go-carts)



Advisory advantages

AXA’s experts will advise you about what package you need and answer all your questions about BOX BASIC and OPTIMA.

Additional benefits
  • Kite surfer
  • Horse lessee
  • Hunter
  • Owner of model aircraft



To household insurance combined product

The household insurance combined product offers household contents and indemnity insurance in a single product.

All you need to know about liability insurance

Answers to the most frequent questions clients ask about liability insurance.


  • I had a bicycle accident. Which insurance policy covers the damage?

    Since the discontinuation of the bicycle insurance sticker from January 1, 2012, your liability insurance covers the damage you cause with your bicycle.

    If you have a 2011 bicycle insurance sticker and the accident happened before June 1, 2012, the damage is covered by the bicycle insurance.

  • Is my e-bike covered under my liability policy?

    Yes, provided its pedal assistance does not exceed 25 kph and its motor has less than 500 Watt in output. Such e-bikes count as normal bicycles.

    E-bikes with more powerful motors fall under motor-assisted bikes and must have a license plate. Please contact your department of motor vehicles for further information.

    To motorcycle insurance



  • I had an accident with my friend's car. How must I report the claim?

    The car has full accidental damage insurance

    1. Report the damage to the motor vehicle insurance, which will cover the repairs.

    2. Report the damage to your liability insurance, which will pay the loss of bonus caused by the claim.

    The car does not have full accidental damage insurance

    Report the damage to your liability insurance, which will cover the repairs. BOX OPTIMA automatically covers the use of third-party cars, with BOX BASIC this must be covered under a supplement.

  • Moving house: The walls of my old apartment are damaged. What must I do?

    Ideally you should contact AXA before you give up the apartment – the claims staff will discuss the next steps with you.

    If the matter cannot be settled beforehand, you must complete the transfer protocol together with the landlord. All defects must be recorded in the protocol. You must then send the protocol to AXA, who will pay the insured damage and defend you against any unjustified claims.


Administrative aspects

  • Is liability insurance compulsory?
    No, but almost – if, for example, you cause an accident involving another family's breadwinner, you will be held liable for this person's loss of earnings plus the cost of medical treatment. This could ruin you financially unless you have insurance.


    Liability insurance also protects you against any unsubstantiated financial claims you may face.


  • Does the insurance cover my whole family?

    Yes, if you include the additional persons when taking out the insurance and you live in the same household, AXA counts the following persons as family members:

    • The policyholder
    • The spouse or registered partner
    • The civil partner
    • The unmarried children or other persons younger than 20 who share your household
    • The unmarried and unemployed children between 20 and 30
    • Other persons listed by name on the policy

Goodbye to the bicycle insurance sticker

After discontinuation of the bicycle insurance sticker in 2012, cyclists are covered under their indemnity insurance. By the way: Pedal-assisted e-bikes with a maximum speed of 25 km/h and an engine output of 500 watt are regarded as normal bicycles.

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AXA’s experts will advise you about what package you need and answer all your questions about BOX BASIC and OPTIMA.


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