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Household insurance

Everything under the same roof

Household insurance covers personal liability and household contents.

  • Insured items are replaced within 48 hours in the case of ordinary theft
  • Personal liability coverage of up to CHF 10 m
  • A personal advisor is available on request also when you take out insurance online
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Other product details

Household insurance combined product – compare two options

Household insurance by AXA combines household contents and liability insurance in a single uncomplicated combined product. Compare BASIC and OPTIMA.

Get a quote and conclude onlie or request advice.Affordable basic coverage


Customized insurance offering comprehensive protection


Liability insurance

Insured eventsCHF  5,000,000 or
CHF 10,000,000
CHF  5,000,000 or
CHF 10,000,000
DeductibleCHF 200, 300 or 500CHF 200, 300 or 500
Insured event
Injuries to people or animals, or damage to third-party property, that you or a family member may cause.
Damage caused to a third party while exercising a secondary occupation.Up to an annual salary of CHF 3,000Up to an annual salary of CHF 12,000
Supplementary insurance
Use of of third-party motor vehicles Selectable (only cars) (cars, motorcycles and go-carts)

Contents insurance 

Amount of insurance     
    at home                

  • Maximum CHF 200,000
  • 5 % of the amount of insurance at home, min. CHF 3,000

  • Maximum CHF 350,000
  • 20 % of the amount of insurance at home, min. CHF 10,000
DeductibleCHF 200, 300, 500 or 1000CHF 200, 300, 500 or 1000
Replacement of the insured items or payment of the amount in cash within 48 hours in the case of ordinary theft               
Coordination of all workmen in the event of a claim  
Insured event
At home and elsewhere: Damage caused by fire and water as well as theft
Insured items
Jewelry  Maximum CHF 1000  Maximum CHF 30,000
Jewelry in a safe valued from CHF 30,000 to CHF 100,000
Cash, credit cards, non-personal tickets  Maximum CHF 1000  Maximum CHF 5000
Cash, credit cards, non-personal tickets in a safe valued from CHF 5,000 to CHF 20,000
Professional equipment up to CHF 5,000
Property of guests
Motorcycles, e-bikes
Clean-up operations  
Digitally purchased software, songs, e-books, etc.     
Supplementary insurance
Ordinary theft                            

Selectable, incl. bicycles

Selectable, incl. bicycles

    Extended coverage:      luggage,
    sports and leisure equipment

    Amount of insurance

CHF 2,000

​CHF 2,000 or 4,000
Breakage of glass (Glass on furniture     , Glass on buildings and furniture     )



​    Amount of insurance​CHF 2,000​CHF 2,000, 3,000 or 5,000
24 h Home Assistance      Selectable (maximum CHF 1000 twice a year) 



Advisory advantages

AXA’s experts will advise you about what package you need and answer all your questions about household insurance BASIC and OPTIMA.

Additional benefits

Liability insurance Contents insurance
  • Kite surfer
  • Horse lessee
  • Hunter
  • Owner of model aircraft
  • Amount of insurance at home up to CHF 900'000.-
  • Deductible CHF 200.-, 300.-, 400.-, 500.-, 1000.-, 2,000.- or 5,000.-
  • Amount of insurance "Ordinary theft" up to CHF 10,000
  • Amount of insurance "Breakage of glass" up to CHF 20'000.-
  • Discount for anti-theft measures
  • Loss of or damage to jewelry
  • Outdoor physical structures
  • Damage from earthquakes
  • Professional equipment over CHF 5,000

Product advice: 0800 800 501 (Monday to Friday 8.00 - 20.00)

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