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Employers liability insurance

Insurance for home helpers

Perhaps you employ a cleaner, gardener or babysitter. Consider compulsory accident insurance for your domestic staff. To insure domestic staff

Compulsory accident insurance for domestic staff

Accepting your responsibilities doesn't have to be expensive. You can insure your domestic staff against accidents in the workplace and on the way to and from work for an annual premium of just CHF 100. You can do it simply and easily online – guaranteed.



Insured benefits
  • Treatment costs (medical treatment, hospital stays in the general ward)
  • Daily benefits (maximum 80% of pensionable earnings from the third day)
  • Disability pension (maximum 80% of pensionable earnings)
  • Surviving spouse's pension 40% of the pensionable earnings for widows/widowers, 15% for each orphan who lost one parent, and 25% for each orphan who lost both parents (up to a maximum of 70% in the case of multiple survivors)
Premium payment

The employer is obligated to pay the premium of CHF 100 per insurance year. The premium may not be charged to the employee.

Contract term

The contract term is three years, after which it is automatically renewed for one year at a time. You and AXA can terminate the contract three months before the end of the contract term. In addition, you can give notice at any time if you no longer employ any domestic staff.
AXA's experts will be happy to advise you if your staff work for you for more than eight hours per week or earn more than CHF 15,000 a year.

All you need to know about UVG accident insurance for domestic staff

Find answers to client questions about insuring your cleaner or gardener.

Who is the insurance for domestic staff intended for?
Insured persons: Employees (e.g. cleaners, home helps, babysitters, gardeners) in private households. Domestic staff who are provided through a company (e.g. a cleaning company) have to be insured by that company.

When does insurance coverage commence?
Insurance coverage is guaranteed from the moment your staff begin the commute to work until they arrive home again directly from work.

Can I take advantage of the simplified procedure for transferring contributions?
Your employee must live in Switzerland, have a work permit, and be between 17 years of age and retirement age. (Employees who are under the age of 17 or who have reached AHV retirement age must be insured under the compulsory accident insurance.)

The salary per employee and year may not exceed CHF 21,150 and the total payroll for all your employees may not exceed CHF 56 400. If you opt for the simplified procedure, you must account for the salaries of all employees correspondingly.

How does the simplified procedure work?
1. Read the simplified procedure for transferring AHV contributions for employers.
2. Complete the application form for the simplified procedure.
3. Send the form to your AHV compensation fund.
4. Deduct the correct amounts from your employees' salaries every month.
5. Transfer the contributions to the AHV compensation fund once a year.




The AXA story – a case study

Spring cleaning. Sara R. assigns it to her home help. Heidi whirls through the apartment cleaning windows and floors while simultaneously descaling the taps. In her haste she fails to notice the rolled up carpet and stumbles. When she tries to stand up, she crumples to the floor again in pain. Her ankle swells and changes color. Heidi crawls to the telephone. She is taken to the emergency room where she is diagnosed with a splintered fracture. Hospital expenses and loss of time on the job are looming as a financial problem. But Heidi can relax. Sara R. has provided for just such an event by taking out accident insurance coverage for her. AXA assumes all costs and wishes Heidi a speedy recovery.

Insurance profile for Sara R.: Accident insurance for domestic staff from AXA

Just a few clicks to your UVG accident insurance for domestic staff

Insurance for domestic staff can be taken out online. Fast, straightforward and around the clock.

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