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Max the Badger app

A playful way of learning traffic rules

The clever badger shows children how to behave safely when in road traffic.


Playing with and learning from Max the Badger

The app teaches children playfully about road safety. It’s ideal for long trips in the car or for rainy afternoons.


"On the way to school game"
The idea is to lead Laura or Luca to school by the safest route while collecting as many objects as possible. But be careful! The street is full of obstacles and dangers. The game teaches children to watch out for traffic and not to allow themselves to be distracted by other things.


"Max memory game"
The memory game isn't just a great workout for your memory and concentration, it also teaches some basic math. Players have to memorize the order and number of fields as they light up and then click on the fields to repeat the sequence. The difficulty level increases after every successful round.


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