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Your assistant in case of a claim - an easy way to report and document your claims.

AXA Assistance app

Car and motorcycle

Report a claim

For claims involving collision, hail or parking damage to your own or a third-party vehicle.

Information when filing a claim

Questions and answers on hail damage


Mobile devices

Rep​ort a claim

For damage to your mobile or tablet from Swisscom. Notifying damage to a device is possible only if mobile phone or tablet insurance was taken out at the time of its purchase.  

Household contents

Report a claim

For claims involving theft or water or fire damage to your private property.

Information when filing a claim




Report a claim

As owner: For claims to your building, e.g. water damage if a pipe bursts.

Information when filing a claim



Personal liability

Report a claim

For claims involving damage that you or your children (e.g. as tenant, cyclist or pet owner) cause to a third party.

Information when filing a claim



Legal protection

Report a claim

For assistance with legal cases, e.g. cases that fall under civil, traffic or labor law.  

GameStop game consoles incl. accessories

For damage to your game consoles or accessory parts. You can report damage to a device only if it is covered under warranty insurance from GameStop.

To report damage to a device, contact the SPB Swiss Branch / GameStop Switzerland by phone within 5 days at: 0840 225 565 (service hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00).



Other cases


For all other cases, e.g. INTERTOURS travel insurance, cancellation costs insurance, professional liability or life insurance, insurance for technical equipment, marine insurance, rental guarantee.


Private indivduals

In case of disability or death of a relative (Life Insurance, Annuity Insurance, etc.):​

Notification of incapacity for work or occupational disability
Notification of a death


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