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Processing household contents claim



24-hour telephone:
From Switzerland 0800 809 809
From abroad +41 52 218 95 95


AXA contacts you in a few days.


Repair or replacement

Repair or replacement



Repair by AXA

AXA arranges for selected partners to make the repair.

Your advantage:

  • AXA coordinates the workmen
  • High standard of quality

Own repair

You arrange for the repair yourself.

Cash payment

You receive the cash amount for the damage in 2 - 5 days.

Replacement within 48 hrs in the case of ordinary theft

Within 24 hrs on working days, you receive an email with a link and login information to an internet platform.

There you can apply the amount you've been awarded and get a replacement of the damaged item, e.g. a new mobile phone. The item is delivered to your mailbox the next day.
Depending on the type of claim, e.g. high repair costs, a claims adjuster inspects the damage before the repair. 


AXA pays the invoice.You pay the invoice and send a copy to AXA. 


Within 2 - 5 days after you send in the invoice, you are notified about the next steps or receive a letter about the claims amount to be paid. 

This process is valid for more than 90% of the claims, whereby some of the steps or time-relevant information may differ, e.g. in the case of complex claims or storm events, such as flooding.

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