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Processing car accident claim



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AXA makes the arrangements for the repair.

An AXA partner garage contacts you or the claimant within 48 hrs, or you receive the address of the nearest AXA partner garage.

Your advantage:
  • Free replacement vehicle, including pickup and delivery service
  • Lifelong guarantee on the repair
  • In the case of glass damage: Repair from where it is convenient for you, e.g. your office

You or a claimant make the arrangements for the repair.


Depending on the type of damage (e.g. high repair costs), a claims adjuster inspects the vehicle before the repair.  


AXA contacts you in a few days. 


The garage sends duplicates of the invoice to AXA and the client, or to any claimant that may be involved, even if AXA doesn't arrange for the repair. AXA verifies and pays the invoice.


Within 10-15 days after the garage sends the invoice, AXA sends you and any claimant that may be involved a final letter with the following information:

  • The amount of a benefit payment that may be due
  • A possible premium increase
  • A possible invoice for the deductible

This process is valid for over 80% of the claims, whereby some of the steps or time-relevant information may differ, e.g. in the case of complex claims or storm events, such as hail.

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